Getting Started Guide

Our dos and don'ts
What does Scribesbay do?

To put it basically, we provide, moderate and host a platform for qualified freelancers to access an unending pile of available tasks.

Who am I writing for and what types of assignments will I be getting?

Scribesbay basically provides essential services for webmasters. We have a solid freelance community that guarantees quality service delivery to the thousands of client that patronize us. Our range of assignments includes but not limited to website contents, product reviews, blog-post, video synopsis, video script, academic writing, press releases and much more.

What are the requirements to get started?

To be part of us, you need to have access to a reliable computer system, internet, time and the ability to diligently follow instructions creatively.

How do I get started?

Once you have signed up to our platform and activated your account via the link sent to your email. You may be required to take an evaluation assignment which we will use to assess your ability. Note that you will be acknowledged (not paid) for your evaluation content.

How Much work is available for me on this platform:

Once you can guarantee premium delivery, we can guarantee and unending stream of assignments to engage you.

Do I get to choose the assignments I want to work on?

To an extent, you have the liberty to choose (for example) to write, choose what type of content to write (i.e. product review, blog post or web content), but you don't get to choose topics or word counts; the system randomly assigns that.

What is Scribesbay expecting in my submissions?

We need submissions to be unique. We need our instructions and that of the client to be followed creatively. We expect, timely delivery of assignments. We expect you to give your best in every assignment.

What is the consequence of late submissions?

The system is automatically set to assign time to assignments and also assign late assignments to another freelancer. This means that once your assignment is one second late, the systems changes its status from 'given out' to 'available.'.

How much time am I given on each assignment?

It all depends on some factors. For writers, you are given an estimated one hour for every hundred words assignment... Tasks must be submitted before the deadline as they are automatically cancelled and assigned to another freelancer. Lateness has no room on Scribesbay.

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Once your assignments are approved and paid for, you will receive payments for your assignments on Fridays, directly to your bank account.