Privacy Policy

We are quite aware of the fact that most people find privacy policy boring, even though they agree it's important. We actually want you to read this; and we will know if you don't :). Therefore, we have written this document briefly in less legal and more plain terms for you to enjoy.
General user agreement

By accessing, browsing, visiting or using or other pages linked to it, you fully agree to stipulated privacy policy and terms of use as stated in this document.

We encourage that our users be persons who are legally eligible to consent and form legal agreements. will not be in any way responsible for breach of its privacy policy on any internet address that isn't run or owned by Scribesbay Online Services limited or linked directly to our site.

Using and collection of user information gathers basic information from our users and about our users with the aim of bettering user experience.

We use collected data to design, customize modify and personify the experience of our esteemed users.

These data include but are not limited to emails, user IP address, bank details, phone number, browser cookies storage, and cache history among other personal data.

Full access

The website is wide open to all eligible members of the general public to use and is made accessible from every known internet browsing location and device. However, we have reserved certain features to registered users. Reserved features include but not limited to:

  • Taking evaluation assignments
  • Accessing available assignment
  • Requesting for assignments
  • Earning money
  • Contributing to our online (on-site) community

Users interested in reserved features can sign up to be considered and screened to get full access to all features.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We have the power to use, disclose or dispose personal information of any user at any time we deem fit, without any need to explain the reasons for our action. However, be rest assured of our polite nature of operation.

Use of Information
  • Communicating with users:

    Reasons for communicating with users include but not limited to helpful tips, task dedication, informative, promotional, user to user conflict resolution, useful tips. Users reserve the ultimate right to unsubscribe from our contact list by doing so automatically or contacting us via our 'contact us' page.

  • Internal use of information in service:

    Personal information of visiting or registered users such as cookies and browser cache may be used by Scribesbay Online Services to evaluate user behavior, moderate our platform, improve user experience and help in generally upgrading the quality of service delivery.

  • External use of Information:

    Information from users, whether extracted through their submissions or through our servers, will be treated and handled as classified data. We will never reveal sensitive user information for any unimportant reason. However, it is good to note that the need for such revelation may arise, this includes but is not limited to;

    • Third party web plugins like Google analytics
    • Payment details (we will have to reveal your payment information to reputable payment portals like Paypal, Payoneer, Interswitch, Mastercard, Verve card, Visa card, or any other payment portal we will pay to or with).
    • Government Law Enforcement agencies with constitutional backing or Court Order to do so.
    • We will never exchange or trade any sensitive information of our users, as this is against our values, terms of use and doesn't conform with international best practices as regards customer protection.

      Nonetheless, we reveal general analytical information like (most visited page on our site, site traffic analytics, number of visits, demographics of website traffic, sex of visitors, number of time each user visits and the location of visitors, among other related data), all in a bid to serve you better.

      Please note that our mode of disseminating data will be tracked, observed, evaluated, reviewed and updated from time to time in other to ensure it still serves the best interest of all users and is in line with our goals, aims, core values, standard best practice and terms of engagement.

Use of Information

We implore all users of to treat any public information accessible to them by the virtue of being a user on our website with integrity.

Scribesbay or our affiliates will never use any user data, regardless of its sensitivity, in any unholy or inappropriate manner. Our primary aim is to successfully run a freelance platform that is all inclusive for all users, we therefore will never take actions that can potentially jeopardize our integrity.

Lastly, please note that Scribesbay is obliged or can be forced to reveal certain user information for special reasons like:

  • In compliance with the rule of law (i.e. obeying court orders, helping law enforcement agencies with criminal investigation and other legal reasons).
  • To third party payment portals in the course of making payments to you
  • To cyber security wares ( in other to resist or resolve malicious user behaviour)
Promotion OF Third Party Services:

At this point in time, we do not directly promote the use of any third party services, except premium value added tools and open source tools like Google search engine, Microsoft office, and Grammarly products. We do not directly or indirectly earn from these services.

As for intended promotion by users or third party companies, we are open to partnership; please contact us for more details.

User to User Promotion:
  • Users are not in any way allowed to promote the services of our direct or indirect market competitors.
  • Users are not permitted to contact our clients with reference to any link to or from us.
  • Financial dealings between users remain strongly prohibited.
  • Users must read and agree to our legal documents (i.e. privacy policy, terms of use and other communications by Scribesbay).

Scribesbay Freelance Services implement security measures to protecting any loss, alteration or misuse of user information in our data base. Upon alteration or accessesing user account information, we may ask the user to use a secure server to access our site, instead of a public proxy sever.

General and Personal information in the possession of Scribesbay is secured by measures, guidelines, and rules protecting against unauthorized access of user data.

Undoubtedly, we have the best tools, measure and regulations to keep your data safe and we implement industry-standard safety precautions to preserve and safeguard all the personal data of our esteemed users, we realize and expect users to know that complete security cannot be guaranteed anywhere online or offline; to this effect, we don't assure 100% data security.

Nonetheless, we put in our best to ensure our database is safe and ‘sacred’. We implore both manual and automatic steps to tighten security and we only partner with reputable and trusted entities.

Deleting, Correcting and Opting Out

Our community relation mantra is one that we take seriously, we protect user data dilligently and acknowledge that user may need to update, remove or input their data at any time. To this effect, users have the power to basically input, update and remove certain basic personal data from their profile and our data base.

Opting Out:

We mostly communicate via email and most reputable email service providers have an option to unsubscribe from desired contacts. Other communication mediums like text messages, WhatsApp messaging e.t.c. all have opt out options.


Scribesbay allows user to edit and correct basic personal data on their profile and we strongly implore users who need to modify other technical data any to contact us in other to be sure if we can help out. Such users are expected to be patient as we often get tons of related requests as regards modification.

To this effect, upon request by any user; Scribesbay will bring down totally, put up or modify personal information of the particular user. In case of any copyright violation report, we investigate and take neccessary actions against the affected user or the reported content.

Updates and modifications to our legal documents

Our legal documents are not sacrosanct, we have spelt out what we feel is best for this community and therefore this document is subject to review or change at any time deemed appropriate and in any way deemed appropriate with or without 'due' notice to any third party.

Feel free to contact us for explanation as regards any portion of this document deemed unclear.

We advise you to check our privacy policy and other legal documents to know of any changes or update.

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